Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Barr Defends Baby Doc

For a while there, Bob Barr was actually starting to redeem himself for the litany of vile and crazy positions he took while he was in Congress by coming out strongly in opposition to Bush’s unconstitutional policies. This pretty much kills whatever credibility he had managed to rebuild for himself.

A former U.S. congressman was among a group of American attorneys accompanying former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier as he spoke in the country’s capital Friday.

Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr said he is not serving as Duvalier’s attorney, but is in Port-au-Prince to consult, assist and be Duvalier’s voice to the international community.

And here’s what that voice is saying:

“We have been asked by the former president and his family to assist him in his efforts,” Barr told reporters in Port-au-Prince….

Barr “will be representing” Duvalier “in bringing his message of hope to the world,” the former Republican congressman’s website says.

Well sure, because the world needs a “message of hope” from a murderous thug like Duvalier. Next we’ll get diet tips from Idi Amin and congeniality lessons from Joe Stalin.