Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Wiley Drake, the California minister who is a birther and a first class loony who prays for God to kill those who disagree with him, used to be the second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Now he may take a run at being president:

As most of you know I have served the Lord Jesus through my relationship with the denomination, The Southern Baptist Convention, since 1965. It was my privilege in 2007/2008 to be elected as Second Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

My question and request for counsel is simply this, “Should I allow my nomination for the position of President of The Southern Baptist Convention in June 2011, and make a run for this position?”

In my opinion we have left our traditional BIBLICAL positions, and become a large group being led by a small group of leaders who are out of touch with what the average Southern Baptist desires for our ministry under the leadership of The Holy Ghost.