Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Nazi Analogies? What Nazi Analogies

Here’s video of Megyn Kelly declaring that Fox News hosts never compare Obama, Democrats or liberals to Hitler or the Nazis.

Richard Socarides is no better in pretending that Rep. Steve Cohen had apologized for comparing Republicans to Nazis when he offered one of those silly “if my words upset anyone…” non-apologies. But Kelly just flat out lies when she claims that Fox News hosts don’t do it. Apparently she doesn’t watch Glenn Beck’s show, which is almost exclusively devoted to comparing everyone he disagrees with to Nazis.

Media Matters lists example after example of Fox News hosts doing exactly that. For crying out loud, Beck actually claims that having compassion for the underprivileged leads to Naziism and was the cause of Hitler’s Final Solution. He claims that expanding AmeriCorps is just like Hitler and the brownshirts and the SS.