Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Greatest Evolution Lawsuit Ever

A former teacher in Pennsylvania has filed one of the most amusing lawsuits ever filed over the teaching of evolution — and he’s representing himself. The complaint is pretty funny stuff, the kind of thing that will set the eyes of the judge rolling.

The argument is simple:

Evolution = atheism. Atheism = religion. Schools can’t teach religion. Congratulations, Mr. Ritter. You’re the first one to think of that. No really, you are. Case dismissed.

He also filed what he calls a brief but it is actually no such thing. It’s actually just his resume, for some strange reason, and a few brief statements that appear to be totally irrelevant biolerplate against the school district. And he files another document entitled, “Evolution is unscientific.” In that, he just repeats a few bad arguments against evolution that shows how little he understands about it.

Now here’s the good news: The suit was filed in the same court that heard the Dover case. Which means that Judge Jones could end up being the one who hears the case. Regardless of which judge is selected to hear the case, it’s going to last about 45 seconds before being dismissed.