Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Sara Lehmann at the Worldnutdaily is all verklempt over the fact that passports will now recognize that there are different types of families:

Two of my children’s passports expired last year, and I’ve been negligent about going to the post office to renew them. However, a little publicized article on a news website this month had me running to the post office before February. February is the month that the space in passport application forms will be replaced from father and mother to parent one and parent two.

No, the post office is not paying literary homage to Dr. Seuss’ legendary thing one and thing two. It is paying homage to a gross act of pandering by the State Department to gay-rights activists advocating homosexual parenting. According to a State Department statement, this change to gender-neutral terms comes in recognition of different types of families.

And guess what? It is! Whether the wingnuts like it or not, there are lots of different types of families in this country. The number of children being raised by gay parents in this country is approaching a million now. Should Jason Kuznicki, his husband Scott and their daughter just never be allowed to leave the country?

The majority of Americans has voted time and again on legislation opposing gay marriage, but their will has been hijacked by a vocal minority in this country.

This has little to do with gay marriage, you dolt. Whether married or not, gay couples are allowed to adopt children and the majority of the public actually supports that.

What are conservatives to do when they’re up against the likes of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who lectures listeners against homophobia on the radio, using government sponsored ads to tell listeners to love love and hate hate?

I’d suggest you shut up and listen to her.

An acquaintance of mine who manages apartments on the Upper West Side recently asked a potential renter who the apartment she was interested in renting was for. It’s for my wife and my son, she replied proudly, almost daring him to challenge her. And in her voice and attitude was conveyed the knowledge that the full force of discrimination laws stood behind her.

Yeah, can you believe those uppity lesbians, thinking they actually have the right to flagrantly and intentionally exist right where bigots can see them?