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Beck: Teachers Unions = Muslim Conspiracy

Glenn Beck’s latest bit of crazy is to claim that the teacher’s unions protesting in Wisconsin are working in league with the Muslim Brotherhood to bring about one world government. No, seriously.

Glenn Beck told viewers of his Fox News program today that the U.N., unions and the Muslim Brotherhood were all just working towards a New World Order and that protesters in Wisconsin were “looking to create chaos on the backs of the worker when the world’s focus is on Egypt.”

“Unions claim the cuts will affect teachers but it’s not the everyday teacher that this story is really all about,” Beck said.

“There are three groups of people,” Beck explained. “They want a new world order. This is your choice. One world government. This is open society. This is United Nations, whatever you want to call it. One world government. They have lots of money and lots of power and they have NGOs, non-governmental organizations.”

“This is the United Islamics Nations, this is the one the Muslim Brotherhood is going for now. But it all looked like this, a new world order. They are organized, too. They have the religion and mosques and apparently help from Google as well… at least in Egypt.

“Then you have this one, workers union, they call it state capitalism. Really what it was good old-fashioned communism. They have unions and community organizing,” he said.

Here’s the video.