Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Wingnuts Interpret Reality

This past weekend incredibly high winds in Washington D.C. knocked down the national Christmas tree, the 42 foot tall blue spruce tree on the White House lawn that has been ceremonially decorated and lit up every Christmas for the last 32 years. And the wingnuts at Free Republic are finding fascinating — read batshit crazy — ways to interpret what would, to a sane person, merely be an unfortunate but otherwise mundane and natural event. Here are a number of responses, put into a single blockquote:

1. God is talking.

2. Another act of God showing his displeasure with the current godless communist muslim occupant.

3. Prophetic tree trimming, which occurs on the 33rd anniversity of it’s planting. Jesus Christ lived to the exact same age before He was crucified and returned to the Father.

Perhaps, this is another sign that the Church age has ended and the 70 week of Daniel has already begun. Don’t be surprised if God’s making a statement about the true nature of the current occupant of the White House!

4. God is NOT happy with Obama and the U.S. in general.

We have been kicking Him out of our culture and churches for YEARS. Just read the Bible and SEE what He consistently does when He is pissed off.

5. US rebukes Israel and suddenly this???? I can’t help but think that God is not pleased!!! This is not the first time He has sent a proverbial shot across the bow…so to speak when it comes to the heinous actions aginst Israel.

6. Yep. People should see these things and cry out to God, but many will just blame the events on natural causes or curse God instead…. Sad.

Sad, indeed.