Dispatches from the Creation Wars

CPAC Changes Rules on Gays

So we finally know what CPAC is actually going to do next year in response to the controversy over GOProud:

The new chair of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was on C-SPAN yesterday. Doesn’t sound like there’s going to be a place for GOProud at CPAC next year. CPAC only wants true haters and self-loathing gays: Organizations are not welcome to come to CPAC next year if they support DADT repeal (which rules out 80% of all Americans, including that CPAC hero Dick Cheney, among others) and if they support marriage equality (which rules out that CPAC hero Dick Cheney, among others). He did say that “gays” are welcome so long as they don’t advocate gays in the military or marriage. Guess GOProud isn’t quite the darlings of the conservative movement that they think they are. Let’s see how hard GOProud will grovel to get re-invited.

So you can attend and still be gay, you just can’t think that you should have equal rights. That might be uppity. Got it.