Dispatches from the Creation Wars

John Fea’s New Book

Jon Rowe here. Ed gave me permission to pop in now and then and alert you all to things I think are important.

The book was delivered yesterday to my house. I’ve been having fun leafing through it. I really like what I see so far and hope it becomes a “standard bearer” in the “Christian Nation” debate. And I’m not just saying that because he thanks me on page xix.

It takes a balanced, critical approach to the “Christian Nation” question. There’s a little in there for everyone which means that both “Christian Nationalists” and “Secular Nationalists” will find things with which to agree and disagree.

Finally, at American Creation we discuss one of Dr. Fea’s articles he wrote for AOL on George Washington’s faith. Fea reproduces an important passage from Frank Grizzard’s book on why George Washington’s “Daily Sacrifice” prayer journal is phony.