Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Okay, this is one for the ‘you just can’t make this crap up’ file. In my almost four years of working for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I’ve seen all sorts of outrageously inappropriate times and places that Christianity is being dumped upon the members of our military, but while they’re taking a dump? That definitely takes the number one (or number two) spot. Seriously, a couple of Army chaplains have decided that the porcelain throne is perfect place to bring soldiers closer to the throne of God.


An article on the official U.S. Army website about this team of chaplains, stationed in the bowels of Afghanistan, begins:

“Sitting on a toilet isn’t a place one would normally expect to think about God. But the two-man chaplain team at Spin Boldak wants Soldiers to do just that.”

The article goes on to describe the chaplains’ unusual (and unconstitutional) bathroom outreach ministry:

“Holy Crap: Chaplain’s Thought of the Week, where Bible verses and inspirational messages are posted on the doors of bathroom stalls, is just one of the many creative programs run by this holy team.”

I think we can truly say at this point that the U.S. military might as well be using the Constitution as toilet paper.