Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Wingnut fundie preacher Chuck Pierce wants you to know that the earthquake in Japan happened because he prayed for it to happen — even though what he prayed for had already happened in other previous events, which he interpreted as fulfilling his prayer before this one came along and really fulfilled it. And even though his own claims acknowledge that this was actually suppose to be fulfilled 4 years ago. Or something.

In May 2005, I took a team to Japan for a strategic prayer gathering on the northern island of Hokkaido. Hokkaido Island is called the Island of the Spirits – a stronghold of spiritism in both Japan and the 40/70 Window. However, we went there to release a move of the Holy Spirit to overtake Japan. Several weeks before we left I received this word from my brother, Keith Pierce:

“There will be a shaking coming to Japan that will bring them to their knees. This shaking will change the industry of the nation. Japan has been built upon a fault line linked with a deep wounding from the past. This shaking will occur before the apostolic team that I am sending to Japan arrives. When they arrive, I will begin the healing of the fault line and release a new anointing for industries. I am sending you to the people group of that area and they will be humbled in the midst of their pride. Do not fear. I am causing the mountain to be brought down and the valleys to be brought up. I will create a leveling effect in Japan.”

Within a few weeks, there was a major shift in their stock market as well as a major train wreck. Now, we see that nation trembling and shaking.

See, that’s the convenient thing about believing in such nonsense. By making the vague claim that something will “shake” Japan, they can interpret any bad thing that happens — and bad things happen fairly regularly in any country — as fulfilling that prophecy or prayer. Pierce was perfectly happy to declare his prayer answered by a decline in the stock market or a train wreck — routine events that happen regularly — until a real “shaking” came along. And then he’ll declare that an answer to prayer too.

On May 7, 2005, while we were in Japan on the island of Hokkaido, the Lord said: “This will be the year that Japan changes – one way or another. As I have brought you to the north (of Japan), I will also bring you to the south to gather you. I have been awakening the north wind to blow upon you now. When you gather in the south (Okinawa) and decree the south wind to come forth, you will see a visible swirling of My Spirit in Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo. There will be a swirling, surrounding wind that overtakes the nation. This is the wind of change.

“I will cause waves to come in such a way that portions of the island are covered with water in the center of this land. This will create a cry that says, ‘I must find higher ground.’ This is a time of awakening that I am bringing to the northern point (Hokkaido Island). What I awaken here will sweep across the whole nation of Japan.

“The enemy would love to come through the east gate and bring an adverse wind that would change the course of the world. But if you will awaken the north wind in this hour then seeds of revival will begin to flow. My wind will blow open the resistance in governmental people that is set against My plan and devise to constrict My people. My wind will also open up an economic understanding in My people.”

We declared, “Awake, O north wind! Awaken the north wind, and cause this garden that has been enclosed by the enemy to open up so that these seeds of harvest will come forth.”

But then the house fell on the wicked witch of the west and ruined all those plans.