Dispatches from the Creation Wars

MRFF Gets More Email

This one is particularly interesting because it isn’t violent, it doesn’t condemn Mikey as a “dirty Jew,” but it does say that as a Jew he is only a guest in this country and will be tolerated — as long as he recognizes that Christianity is in charge.

But nearly every word of it is utterly wrongheaded. It claims that Washington, Adams, Franklin and Jefferson were all “devout followers NOT of Islam or Judiism or athiesm but of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” As if those were the only options? Even more ridiculous is the claim that the military is actually a missionary force, spreading the gospel of Christ to all the world. Imagine how demented you have to be to think that would be a good thing.

rom: e-mail address withheld
Date: March 23, 2011 12:45:43 PM MDT
To: Information Weinstein
Subject: Disgrace and Dishonor To America’s Lord and Savior

Mr. Mickey Wienstien, my church and its fine pastors, our congregation and my family and I all wonder how you and your MRFF helpers sleep at night? We have read the articles like the one in last month’s Nation magazine about you and your wife and family and your Jewish-athiest MRFF. You have singlehandidly disgraced America and its Christian faith and culture and its Christian military. Whether you and your fellow evildoers accept it or not, America IS a CHRISTIAN NATION as it was always the ONLY plan of the founding fathers to be just that. Of course America’s military MUST be a Christian military because America was always meant to be a CHRISTIAN nation. All of the founding fathers such as Washington and Adams and Franklin and Jefferson were devout followers NOT of Islam or Judiism or athiesm but of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. America is a Temple to our Lord and Savior and you and your MRFF trash dishonor and disgrace our American Temple and its Christian military with lies from Satan and secularists like a so-called separation of church and state which is NOWHERE anywhere in the constitution. And you call yourself a lawyer? Other religions can be and exist in our CHRISTIAN America but only as long as they understand that they are NOT the real reason America shines like a Beacon of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on a Hill as President Reagan said. You are a just a Jew, as we have read in the newspapers and magazines, and are allowed to be a respectful guest in Christian America and you will be tolerated and safe, along with all the other false faiths and athiests as long as you understand who and what and where you stand in regard to America’s Lord and Savior. Don’t you understand that America’s success in spreading the good news message of Christ to its citizens and to the world depends on our military to be its example and its messengers. End your furious battle against our Lord and surrender to His grace, spirit and guidance before it becomes too late. In Jesus’ name, we will pray for you and your family and MRFF to stop or be stopped. 1 Corinthians 1:18