Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Here’s one of the most appalling abuses of power I’ve ever seen. A judge refuses to sign an arrest warrant so the state policeman who submitted it now wants the judge arrested for hampering an investigation and “coercion.”

State Trooper from Salisbury, CT (where watching paint dry is exciting) Mark Lauretano apparently submitted an arrest warrant for a man who got into a bar fight with someone else. The “victim” of the fight (meaning the guy who got beaten up worse), was obviously not arrested, as these things go. Judge Klatt, upon reviewing the information in the warrant declined to sign it, apparently until the “victim” was also arrested.

Judge Klatt, a former prosecutor from Death Valley Waterbury, CT, should have known better. You simply do not refuse the State Police what they want. So instead of, I don’t know, reviewing the information again to see if maybe the Judge had a point, Lauretano does the logical thing and is now seeking an arrest warrant for the Judge herself*.

Here’s the trooper’s argument:

The fact that Judge Klatt is currently holding onto a valid arrest warrant for the accused and refusing to sign it until and unless she receives an arrest warrant for the victim is coercion and a violation of criminal law.

No, sorry, that isn’t how this works. It isn’t a valid arrest warrant unless and until it’s signed by a judge. If the judge thinks you’re engaging in selective prosecution, that is a perfectly valid reason not to sign the warrant. The judge has more authority than you in this matter — that ‘s why you have to go to her to get the warrant signed.

If the judge refused to sign the warrant because of some personal connection to someone involved, that would be illegal. And you can certainly start proceedings to challenge that order. But any police officer who thinks he can have a judge arrested for not being a rubber stamp for their warrants should be fired, immediately and with extreme prejudice.