Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Public Policy Polling provides all the data necessary to answer that question:

-A majority of voters in 26 of the 27 states have a negative opinion of Palin- the only exception is West Virginia where just 47% rate her unfavorably to 41% with a position opinion.

-Palin’s favorability spread is -20 or worse in 19 of the 27 states we’ve polled.

-There are only three states where Palin’s favorability spread is better than -10: in addition to West Virginia they are Nebraska and Montana.

-There are eight states where her spread is -30 or worse: in addition to typically blue states like New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island that includes swing states like Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia.

And their conclusion:

Bottom line Palin is not a serious general election candidate for President- but she would have a serious chance at the GOP nomination if she ran and that’s why we keep polling her.

And that’s why the Republican party leadership is terrified of a Palin run for president. Not that they have any great options, but almost anyone is a better option than her. They know it. She knows it. But all she cares about is keeping her name in the spotlight and keeping the money flowing in.