Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Bachmann’s Son: Intellectual Poser

Here’s a statement written by Michelle Bachmann’s son, Lucas, who advises her campaign. It absolutely leaps off the screen as a textbook example of someone trying really, really hard to sound far more intelligent and well educated than they actually are. He’s speaking about William F. Buckley:

“[M]ovement intellects such as Buckley are indelible,” Lucas Bachmann wrote. “Like the majority of conservatives, I watched and marveled at his eloquent didacticism drawn from a prolix lexicon that can only be described as Buckleyesque.”

The difference between Buckley and young Lucas is that Buckley actually had such a vocabulary, while Lucas is clearly just creating what he perceives to be a vaguely intellectual word salad. Alex Pareene has the perfect reaction:

This Lucas Bachmann revelation is supposed to be surprising, because his mother “hates” those “Washington elites” so much, and because Buckley himself would’ve immediately pegged her as a dimwit nutter, but the conservative elites need their useful idiots, and a clownish anti-intellectual can quite easily produce a clownish pseudo-intellectual.