Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Barton’s Bullshit

David Barton gave a talk at the Rediscovering God conference — little more than a political rally for Republicans, actually — just full of the kind of overly simplistic and flat out false claims he makes about American history. He claims here that nearly every provision in the Constitution came out of the Bible, which is simply a lie. Good luck finding an analog between any constitutional provision and any Biblical verse (I can think of only one and that was merely a nod to tradition for reasons of pragmatism).

The most audacious claim is that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton “all said Jeremiah 17:9 is the basis of the separation of powers.” Huh? Citation please! Sorry, this is a flat out lie. In fact, the Federalist Papers list the sources for that and other concepts in the Constitution — the Bible is not mentioned.