Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The ACLU has recently defended two men who’ve burned the Quran, one a New Jersey transit worker who burned pages of the Quran in protest of the Park 51 Islamic center project and the other a Florida pastor who wanted to protest outside the largest mosque in America in Dearborn.

In the New Jersey case, the ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of a train conductor who had been fired by the state for his actions. They won him reinstatement to his job and back pay, plus $25,000 for pain and suffering (and another $25,000 in legal fees for the ACLU). Ironically, Republican hero Gov. Chris Christie supported the firing of the guy.

And in the Dearborn case, which I’ve been writing about a great deal, the ACLU filed a brief defending Terry Jones’ right to protest outside the Islamic Center of America mosque on Good Friday in one of the most bizarre free speech cases I have ever encountered in my lifetime of keeping a close eye on such cases. And according to Volokh, the ACLU has agreed to represent Jones in his appeal.

Bear in mind that they’re also suing a Muslim charter school in Minnesota for allegedly violating the First Amendment by teaching religion at the school, a case that just survived an attempt by the school to get a summary judgment in their favor.

So much for the claims by so many conservatives that the “politically correct” ACLU won’t defend the rights of Christians and won’t criticize or litigate against Muslims.