Dispatches from the Creation Wars

This spat between Salon.com writer Justin Elliott and Worldnutdaily owner Joseph Farah has been quite amusing. It’s fun to watch Farah twist and turn and try to avoid the central issue. It all began when Elliott emailed Farah asking for documentation of the WND’s claim that Obama had spent $2 million in legal fees to avoid having to turn over his birth certificate, a figure Donald Trump had been repeating.

Farah can’t document that figure because it simply isn’t true. What he and his reporter did was take the total amount of money that the Obama campaign paid to their law firm, $1.7 million, round it up and then presume — falsely — that all of that money was spent fighting birther suits. As if a campaign would have no need to pay their law firm to do anything else during a campaign.

That is the substantive issue about which Elliott emailed Farah and it is the substantive issue that Farah has steadfastly refused to address. He posted his writer’s bio, pointing out that she was in the army and is happily married — as if that somehow answers the question. He noted that the writer had once worked for an organization that got money from Soros — again, as if that somehow answers the question.

And in his latest — he claims last — screed on the subject, Farah still can’t just answer the question and document the figure that his outlet pushed into the mainstream media and has birthers repeating ad nauseum.

“The implication of the WND stories – though not explicitly stated – is that because Perkins Coie (Obama’s law firm) worked on a birther suit, and because the Obama campaign paid Perkins Coie $1.7 million, therefore the campaign paid $1.7 million fighting birther suits. That’s an obvious logical fallacy.”

No, the obvious logical fallacy is to assert publicly one conclusion, while privately suggesting quite another.

Do you get the picture?

Trump was the little Soros crony’s target all the time. He was hoping to use me to undermine Trump – inviting me to dispute the billionaire GOP front-runner for the presidential nomination. I think Trump essentially spoke truth. We don’t know exactly how much money Obama has spent hiding public documentation about his nativity story. I suspect it could be substantially more than $2 million. I do know that he has completely broken the public trust and misused his office in covering up all evidence of his constitutional eligibility.

But I didn’t take his bait. I didn’t dispute Trump. And that’s why Salon has been smearing me and WND ever since.

He “suspects” it could be more than $2 million. Hey, I’m convinced.

To make things even funnier, his subhead on the article is this: “Exclusive: Joseph Farah declares, at Soros-funded site ‘truth is meaningless.'” But Salon.com is not funded by Soros. The only claim — irrelevant as it is — that he has made so far is that Elliott once worked for a group that received funding from Soros. That does not mean Salon is funded by Soros.

So Farah spreads mistruths while claiming that his opponent doesn’t believe that truth matters. And another irony meter bites the dust.


  1. #1 Ed Darrell
    April 26, 2011

    Ya know, that figure that Farah is waving about came from an April Fools hoax letter in 2009.

    Farah’s been hoaxed so bad he can’t bring himself to admit it. He could provide his sources with a good search of the internet — but the ultimate source was an intentional hoax. Farah’s been hoaxed, just like he was about the “Kenyan birth certificate” that came from a different country, and looked exactly like an old Australian hospital birth certification.

    There is only one serious question: Is Farah so stupid he doesn’t know it’s a hoax, or is he so evil that he keeps pushing it even though he knows?

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