Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Free Republic is predictably going crazy — okay, they were already crazy — over the release of Obama’s birth certificate. My favorite comment so far:

Where was his daddy born? was his momma a US citizen when he was born? Why blur or confuse the distinction between NATIVE born–and Natural Born citizen? I find 0 evidence that this frauds’ allegiance is to the United States alone. He has born fruit that suggests he is anything other than a US citizen Anything other than a Christian. I believe he is an Atheist,A Communist,A Muslim, A Manchurian Candidate, a LIAR, a REPROBATE. Anything but a Patriotic American.

He’s an atheist AND a Muslim. That’s quite a trick. Some of the other fun below:

Utter, unmitigated BS. A cover-up of gargantuan proportions.

Ok, so let me see if I have this correct. They just admitted that the COLB they have been saying was official and legit for the last years was indeed a fake, right?

Was he also a citizen of Kenya? Do you want a citizen of Kenya as president?

Thus far, and I will keep checking, but I find no evidence of the doctor who signed this COLB as ever existing. Will keep going thru Hawaiian records….

Yes, this is different from the OTHER COLB that has been foisted upon us for the last 3 years. BUT, it is still lacking information, such as length & weight of the baby. And why is it on this funky green background and looking like it is part of a roll of paper document? If it is from microfiche, you know it doesn’t look like that. What gives?

AND the signature of the issuing registrar is NOT on the document but on the fakey green background. Something is not right here.

the ink on this form is too fresh for me.


FOLKS it’s just a modified version of the same COLB! LMAO!
Obama just admitted the first COLB was a lie by releasing another version of the COLB.

Oh course the Ghouls in the media and press are NOW saying he released it!!! he released it!!! Wait a minute that is what they have been saying since June of 2007? Are they admitting the first COLB was Bogus? So now we have a modified version and all of a sudden… this is IT! LOL!

I’m sorry but this makes it worse and not better. Of course the media will circle the wagons.

I’ve only looked at it for 30 minutes and already see some troubling information.

1) The signatures in box 18 and 19 are similar.
2) What is with the numbers in 9, 12a and 12b?
3) Did they call Africans in 1961 Africans?
4) At the bottom it says, “This is a true copy or ABSTRACT OF THE RECORD ON FILE.

Sorry but I’m not buying this re release of a new modified certificate of live birth.

Once you’re on the crazy train, it’s not easy to jump off.