Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Now There’s War on Easter!

At least, according to Sean Hannity and the perpetually outraged Bill Donohue and the Catholic League. ThinkProgress documents the tiny little threads from which they have woven this pastiche of nonsense.

What evidence is there for the “War on Easter?” The Catholic League put out a release yesterday from Donohue making its best case. Donohue writes, “Adults in Munson Township, Ohio were ordered to call their Easter Egg Hunt the Egg Hunt.”

But this was a lie. In fact, one person at a meeting suggested leaving Easter off the invitations. She lost the vote. And an Easter Egg Hunt it was. OMG, the anti-Easter fascist jackboots are coming to steal our peeps!

Other evidence offered by Donohue:

Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, who a few years ago entertained us with the hoax about Jesus’ tomb, is back again, this time claiming he found two nails used to crucify Jesus. He is looking in vain to find an archaeologist who might believe him.

Except that Jacobovici is a Christian trying to prove the truth of Christianity. He’s on your side, not ours.

Ricky Gervais felt the need to offer a very public “Holiday Message,” notifying the world that though he is not a Christian, he is a very Christ-like person. It is revealing that this British atheist couldn’t find a single secular humanist to model himself after.

Lady Gaga, who admits to being “confused” about religion, offered more proof of her addled state by choosing to release her single, “Judas,” this weekend. It begins with, “I’m in love with Judas.”

Oh goodness, I don’t know how you poor persecuted Christians manage to survive in a world where other people are actually free to express their opinions even if you don’t like them. You are indeed martyrs.