Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Obama and Easter

The latest pathetic attempt by the religious right to Otherize Barack Obama comes from David Barton’s Wallbuilders radio program, which had former Bush aide Timothy Goeglein on to declare:

Most Americans have a sense that it’s a good thing that the White House and the President recognize the most important feats day in the Christian religion – the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. And yet, my friend, unfortunately the White House this year was silent when it came to a presidential proclamation on that day.

Of course, President Bush as an Evangelical Christian, knew the centrality of putting out an Easter proclamation.

And of course, there’s an explanation for this terrible oversight:

So why is it that the President and the Executive Branch would not just naturally put out a proclamation on the Easter holiday as every president of both parties has done in the contemporary era of the presidency?

So the answer to your question is it’s not just an oversight, it’s just not something that somehow someone dropped the ball. There has to be an internal decision that says, for whatever reason, this White House is not putting out a proclamation on the Easter holiday this year. Those tings are not coincidences; someone made that decision.

There’s just one little problem with this: It’s all nonsense. As Little Green Footballs points out, George W. Bush never issued an Easter proclamation in his 8 years in office. And neither did Ronald Reagan. Bloody Muslims commies, both of them.