Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Ooh, Pat Replies To Us Again

After several times declaring that he’ll never respond to me again, Pat is back with yet another video addressed not just to me, but to the readers here as well. And he’s still upset that I call him a racist and quote all the incredibly racist things he’s said on his blog. His argument for why that’s false is rather amusing:

He likes to point out things that I’ve written in my past on my blog. There’s only one problem, Brayton. I fully admit to writing stuff on my blog with inciteful (sic) language that makes people like you, who are the people who have a kneejerk reaction every time anyone says anything “untrote” (Ed. note – that’s as close as I can get phonetically; I listened to it several times and have no idea what word he intended it to be) about a black man (Ed. note — yes, this sentence is missing a concluding clause, I noticed it too). I admit to writing that stuff intentionally like that. It’s what I do. I’m an antagonist of the left.

In other words, he’s not a racist — he just like saying racist things to get liberals upset. As if this rescues him from judgment. This is where one of the iron laws of internet trolldom needs to be invoked, and it goes like this: if you spend a great deal of your time pretending to be an asshole to get a reaction from people…you aren’t pretending. You are an asshole. And when you explode with rage and say things like this (which, by the way, has nothing to do with black people at all but was aimed at an Asian Republican congressman):

@AnhJosephCao You Bastard piece of shit fuck! GO BACK TO Saigon, South Vietnam where you fucking BELONG GOOK!

My Uncle served in Vietnam all he could stab this Country in the back. @samuel @levihenry @kerrence @tonyyeung @paparatti @Yeggo @frautoasty

Some of us, have not forgotten what happened on Dec 7, 1941 either! @samuel @levihenry @kerrence @tonyyeung @paparatti @Yeggo @frautoasty

@tonyyeung That’s because LIBERALS like YOU LIED about the damn war, ya sland-eyed ASSHOLE

I’m really starting to distrust ANYONE of Eastern Descent. 1st it was John Yu, then it was Obama’s guy saying we should repay China.

I’m head fucking serious… Al-Qaeda is not our Worst Enemy. The East is man. China, Japan, Vietnam, all of ’em. #tcot #hcr #killbill #VTO

Remember ’41 people, this was their revenge on us. Ceo is a fucking Commie Plant in the G.O.P. #tcot #hcr #killbill #VTO

@FoxieNews Ya think? That rat bastard sold the G.O.P. up the river! and After all the Americans that went to ‘Nam and Died. :-/ Pissed.

@samuel They had it coming after what they did to us at Pearl Harbor!!!!

@TexasRV Not to mention that Yellow man Cao that sold us up the damned river.

Whack Job my ass…. that bastard slant-eyed son of a bitch sold the G.O.P. up the fucking river and he knows it!

Sorry Pat, no one is going to believe that you’re just being “inciteful” (even if that was a word). You’re just being a racist git because that’s what you are, full stop.

Here’s the video, which isn’t on Youtube. It’s on the incredibly appropriately named TwitVid. I think he’s found his home.

Then he linked to a Youtube video about Frankfurt School Critical Theory and he says:

This video is referring to the Frankfurt School Critical Theory. Which is a Marxist outfit; Mr. Brayton is making a Marxist argument, and is too big of a blowhard and quite possibly of a fool to even know it….and he is a libertarian?!?!

Now that’s just funny. Accusing Pat of being a racist because he writes racist things all the time is a “Marxist argument.” Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up. Who would believe that such a moron actually existed if he didn’t, in fact, actually exist?

Oh, and then there’s the classic idiot’s confusion of criticism and censorship:

Here I thought libertarians believed in the first amendment…. I guess only for those of this fascist group.

Pat, Pat, Pat. I’ve never even suggested that you should be censored. The First Amendment absolutely protects your right to say stupid shit on the internet. I wouldn’t dream of censoring it because I find it quite amusing. Being criticized is not the same as being censored. But it’s still endlessly funny that someone who wants to line up all the liberals and “faggots” against the wall and shoot them is accusing someone else of being a fascist. It’s just part of your perpetually clueless charm.