Dispatches from the Creation Wars

McCotter In the Race?

Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter is apparently still flirting with the idea of jumping in to the presidential race. Pretty much everyone agrees — including, I suspect, his own political advisers — that he would have only a slightly better chance of getting the nomination than I have, but it could at least set him up for something in 2016 or 2020.

According to the Moonie Times, McCotter is “planning a trip in the coming days to meet with tea party activists in Iowa, which holds the first party caucuses in January.” And he’s clearly courting the Tea Party crowd. But there’s just one problem with all of this: He was in favor of the auto bailout.

Mr. McCotter lacks the marquee name that some rivals can boast, but he is not afraid to mix it up rhetorically – he called out former Massachusetts governor and fellow Michigander Mitt Romney for his comments on the auto bailout during a campaign swing here and then panned the performance of Republican hopefuls at last week’s New Hampshire debate.

McCotter’s district is in the Livonia area, a suburb of Detroit home to lots and lots of auto workers. Knowing which side of his bread is buttered, he therefore endorsed Obama’s support of GM and Chrysler in 2009 — despite having railed against the bank bailout as a socialist plan to destroy America. And yet he’s trying to appeal to a group that almost universally thinks the auto bailout was a socialist plot as well. Good luck walking that tightrope.

I’ll say this, though: McCotter would add some real fun to the campaign. He gives great speeches and he really does let his rhetoric get away from him, but he’s more prone to strange references to Shakespeare than to merely throwing red meat. He’s like a vaguely intellectual version of Michelle Bachmann, with a wry sense of humor thrown in. He’d at least be fun to watch.