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Obama and Same-Sex Marriage, Take 2

Ta-Nehisi Coates has a very similar reaction to mine on President Obama’s self-declared “evolving” beliefs on same-sex marriage.

It is one of the weird features of American democracy that politicians are both expected to reflect the beliefs of Americans, at at the same time pretend that they are reflecting their own views. Obama could never explicitly say, “Hey I’m for gay marriage, but most Americans aren’t, so I can’t support it.” Or some such. Instead he has to make a religious case, and one, given his prior history, that doesn’t really pass the smell test…

I think the thing that’s most troubling about the “evolving” fudge is it feels like someone is insulting your intelligence. This is clearly a move to back gay marriage as soon as enough Americans do the same. I’m actually fine with that. It’s positioning it as some sort of deep, internal struggle that rankles.

Exactly. This is cold political calculation, not some internal moral struggle. Don’t insult my intelligence by pretending otherwise.