Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Our Spineless Congress

The House of Representatives stuck to their stubborn pattern of utter spinelessness last Friday by sending a ridiculously confused message to President Obama and the American people. They had two bills to vote on, one that would have authorized the military adventure in Libya (and thus approve it) and one that would have defunded that military adventure (and thus disapprove it). They voted down both bills.

The final vote on the defunding bill was 180 in favor and 238 opposed. In the first vote, the House overwhelmingly voted down a bill that would have authorized U.S. military action in Libya for one year, 295 to 123.

The Senate has no plans to cut off funding, so the vote was largely symbolic, but it still constitutes a small victory for the President and his intervention in Libya and a sign of his support among the Democratic caucus amid a divisive debate about his decision to launch airstrikes in Libya without Congressional approval.

Welcome to bizarro world.