Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Tea Party Nation Goes Full Birther

Judson Phillips, one of the top leaders of the Tea Party movement, founder of Tea Party Nation and the organizer of that big national Tea Party conference a couple years ago, has now gone full birther — and he’s basing it all on Orly Taitz.

Orly Taitz has waged an almost one-woman war on the eligibility issue. She is absolutely convinced that Barack Obama is not legally qualified to be President. She had endured insults, threats, some from Judges, fines and every roadblock the Obama regime could throw her way.

Ah yes, the “Obama regime.” Which apparently includes all of the Republican-appointed judges who have dismissed every case that has been filed on the issue. That’s just more proof of the conspiracy! That just tells you how deep it goes, man!

The significance of the eligibility issue is what happens if we are right. If Obama was never eligible to serve as President, everything he did is void. Two Supreme Court Justices, gone. A host of Federal Judges, gone. Every bill he signed, gone. Obamacare, gone.

And therein lies the entire raison d’etre of the birther movement. They cannot stand that Obama is president so they want to make it all magically go away. It’s like their squeezing their eyes closed really tight and repeating “There’s no place like home” over and over again, just wishing like hell that it was all a bad dream.

If Orly Taitz wins, she will deserve a place among the great lawyers of this country, who fought incredible odds to win justice.

The day that Orly Taitz is considered one of the great lawyers of this country is the day that Sirhan Sirhan wins the Congressional Medal of Honor.