Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Crazy Wingnut Screed of the Day

Today’s mindless bit of moronia comes from David Aaron Richey, pastor of the Gulf Coast Christian Center and is published in Charisma magazine.

I’m not afraid of the many disasters that are happening simultaneously in our world. I’m not afraid of all the wars that are currently raging on almost every continent on the globe. The potential for nuclear accidents globally doesn’t frighten me.

What terrifies me are good men and women saying and doing nothing when politicians we voted into office are making moral laws that contradict everything a Holy God stands for.

You mean like passing the First Amendment, which allows for the flagrant violation of the Ten Commandments by letting people worship other gods, take the lord’s name in vain and make graven images of themselves? Clearly this is an example of the government passing laws that “contradict everything a Holy God stands for.”

You mean like passing laws that actually allow people to have premarital sex rather than stoning them to death — well, the women anyway — should they prove not to be virgins no their wedding day? I mean, your “Holy God” commanded that punishment directly. And yet the laws of this country actually allow it to go on.

For that matter, we allow people to get divorced, eat shellfish and wear poly-cotton blends too. How terrifying this must be for you!

Civil liberties–which is how proponents of legalizing perversion are categorizing same-sex marriage–ought not to infringe on the civil liberties of other citizens. I have a right to live in a community that does not force me to agree with and defend perverted sexual acts between two people.

And who has forced you to agree with any of that, pastor? You just wrote an entire article condemning it. And guess what? No one stopped you or punished you for it. You can stand in your pulpit and rail against it every Sunday until the Cubs win the World Series if you’d like. No one will stop you. Your civil liberties are quite safe; I only wish those you target legally could say the same thing.