Dispatches from the Creation Wars

D’Souza Has a New Job

The terminally ridiculous Dinesh D’Souza has a new job as president of King’s College, a school owned by Campus Crusade for Christ and located in the Empire State Building. And he’s still being an idiot:

Each spring, the King’s College, a Christian school occupying two floors in the Empire State Building, hosts a series of lectures and debates on a single theme. This year’s theme is villainy. In a windowless basement room, Dinesh D’Souza, the college’s newly installed president, is delivering his remarks to a student camera crew, two potential donors, and about 30 undergraduates. In keeping with the college’s dress code, the students wear business suits.

“I want to talk a little bit about what I call the unique villainy of Barack Obama,” D’Souza, 50, says with a grin. “In my view, it’s the villainy of nondisclosure.” Obama campaigned as a standard liberal, D’Souza says, but actually is a vehement anti-colonialist. “For Obama, the radical Muslims are on the right side of history–that’s why he is so unnaturally solicitous toward them.”

Well sure. All those drones raining bombs on Al Qaeda targets in Pakistan? Why that’s just “unnaturally solicitous.” I’m sure the navy SEALs were “unnaturally solicitous” toward Bin Laden when they shot and killed him. And making sure no one detained and tortured can ever get their day in court in America — yep, you guessed it — “unnaturally solicitous.” What universe does this guy live in?

An austere young man asks, “Doesn’t the villainy of deception sort of pale in comparison to Obama’s moral villainies, such as supporting the abortion agenda or even the redistribution of wealth, stealing from the rich to give to the poor?”

“In a sense, yes,” D’Souza concedes, and later says, “Frankly, I don’t think Obama cares that much about the poor. What he cares about is bringing down the people at the top … In my opinion, Obama’s animating energies are negative.” By now the two potential donors have left the room looking ashen. Chris Ross, an employee of the college who is “facilitating” my visit by never leaving my side, winces slightly every time I write something down. As he escorts me out of the building, he says, “Remember that President D’Souza speaks for himself, not for the school.”

But the school hired him to be their leader despite a long history of saying crazy things like this.

Oh, and guess what the King’s College motto is? “God, Money, Power.” How appropriate.