Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Joseph Farah says Rick Perry fooled him. He was on the Rick Perry bandwagon until Perry came out and said that marriage equality is a state issue and New York should be allowed to legalize it if they want. And he takes that issue so seriously that he thinks the United States should split apart over it — literally.

What’s wrong with his answer? So much it would take me more than one 750-word column to explain. But I will attempt to address his cowardly surrender of the national culture succinctly.

If America is to rediscover its greatness, citizens of all 50 states will need to rediscover the common values that brought us together as a nation in the first place – not just all go out and do our own thing, with every man doing what is right in his own eyes.

The only viable alternative is, quite literally, a break-up of the nation.

Really? The only alternative to having the government enforce your twisted moral views is to break up the whole country? I’ll take fanatical nonsense for $1000, Alex. He reinforces this once again by demanding that Rick Perry once again talk about secession in response to marriage equality:

This would have been a more thoughtful response from a genuine Christian conservative from Texas: “Marriage between one man and one woman is the building block of any functional self-governing society. Abandoning a critical, time-tested, biblical institution like marriage – or redefining it according to a faddish new notion of political correctness – will have profoundly negative effects on any community, state or nation that tries it. I hope and pray New Yorkers challenge the decision by the legislature in New York because I can’t believe it actually reflects their views. If we can’t agree on fundamentals like marriage, the very fabric of what binds Americans together is becoming so badly frayed that we may have to consider going our separate ways.”

That’s downright moronic. Which is why Farah likes it so much.