Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Bravo, Mr. Balko

I’ve been remiss in not writing about the release of Cory Maye, a man who was convicted of the murder of a police officer he shot in self-defense, thinking the officer was breaking into his house. He was sentenced to death but that was commuted to life in prison, but Radley Balko almost singlehandedly proved that Maye was innocent. In the end, the prosecutors allowed him to plead guilty to manslaughter and accept a 10-year sentence — and since he’d already served nearly the entire ten years, he was released last week.

Balko went down to the homecoming party and posted pictures on his blog. I used this as an example in my speech at a conference this week of what one journalist with a clear ideological predisposition can do to make the world better. Well done, Mr. Balko. Well done.