Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Here’s a Youtube clip of the Discovery Institute’s Stephen Meyer trying in vain to come up with a positive case for intelligent design rather than the usual god of the gaps argument offered by the ID crowd. Notice that after saying he wants to make a positive case for ID he immediately starts talking about how evolution can’t explain the origin of information. And notice that his positive case is nothing more than a bad analogy.

His positive case for ID is this: Wherever we encounter information in the world, we observe that it was created by intelligence. Therefore, the fact that DNA contains information means that DNA had to be created by an intelligence. But the analogy is a very bad one. We observe that human beings can create information and we know exactly how it happens because we can observe that information being created.

This is hardly analogous to positing the existence of a supernatural being that did something that has never been observed at some undetermined point in the distant past to allegedly create the information in the genome. This is especially true because we can observe how new genes are created and adapted to useful purposes in organisms without any divine intervention necessary.

Despite all pretense to the contrary, this is just another version of the “god of the gaps” argument, trying to fit God into any space that science has not yet found a full explanation. Such arguments do not fare well historically.