Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The Right Wing’s Thin Skin

The latest bit of wingnut outrage is over Vice President Joe Biden having allegedly agreed with a Democratic legislator that said the tea party caucus in the House was “acting like terrorists” by holding America’s credit rating hostage in the debt limit negotiations. Biden has denied it and there’s really no good evidence that he said it.

But that’s not what amuses me about this faux outrage. I am always amused at the sheer chutzpah of conservatives who wail and cry about how unfairly they are treated by the left. If someone says that this or that conservative is stupid we hear, “Oh that’s just like a liberal. The left always insults and demeans conservatives. It just shows that they’re losing the real argument.”

Pure hypocrisy. In fact, here’s Cal Thomas whining about Biden’s alleged statement at Townhall.com, the same site that is giving away free copies of Ann Coulter’s book Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America. So one person’s alleged but unproven agreement with someone else’s statement comparing the tea partiers to terrorists is grounds for outrage; another person writing a book calling liberals demonic? No problem!

We see the same behavior from creationists constantly. Some of you may remember the exchange I had several years ago with Casey Luskin after he wrote an article decrying how unfair our side was in comparing creationists to Holocaust deniers. He even interviewed a Holocaust survivor talking about how outrageous that comparison was.

Meanwhile, he completely ignored the fact that creationists routinely compared evolutionists to the people who actually carried out the Holocaust, the Nazis, as well as to Stalin, Pol Pot and every other historical bad guy they could think of. I quoted all the prominent creationists comparing us to Nazis and Stalinists over and over again.

He pleaded ignorance, saying he was unaware that his side had ever made such comparisons, a claim that is frankly impossible to believe. And there he was, less than two years later, making the very same claim again.

Ironically, there’s a Biblical metaphor for this, a parable about seeing the splinter in someone else’s eye while ignoring the log in one’s own.