Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Bachmann and Nancy Pearcey

Ryan Lizza’s long expose` on Michele Bachmann is getting a lot of play around the blogosphere, but one portion of it jumped out at me:

Today, one of the leading proponents of Schaeffer’s version of Dominionism is Nancy Pearcey, a former student of his and a prominent creationist. Her 2004 book, “Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity,” teaches readers how to implement Schaeffer’s idea that a Biblical world view should suffuse every aspect of one’s life. She tells her readers to be extremely cautious with ideas from non-Christians. There may “be occasions when Christians are mistaken on some point while nonbelievers get it right,” she writes in “Total Truth.” “Nevertheless, the overall systems of thought constructed by nonbelievers will be false–for if the system is not built on Biblical truth, then it will be built on some other ultimate principle. Even individual truths will be seen through the distorting lens of a false world view.”

When, in 2005, the Minneapolis Star Tribune asked Bachmann what books she had read recently, she mentioned two: Ann Coulter’s “Treason,” a jeremiad that accuses liberals of lacking patriotism, and Pearcey’s “Total Truth,” which Bachmann told me was a “wonderful” book.

Very interesting. Nancy Pearcey is also a rather prominent creationist. She was one of the editors of the Bible-Science Newsletter for nearly 15 years and was (is?) a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute. She was also one of the authors of the book Of Pandas and People, the one that was the center of the 2005 Dover trial. As Nick Matzke documented, large portions of that book were pretty much copied from several of her articles in the Bible-Science Newsletter, which was unabashedly a young earth creationist publication.

Pearcey has claimed that she was really an IDer all along but that she had to write for a young earth creationist publication because it was the only anti-evolution game in town, but as Matzke showed, that just doesn’t square with her previous writings. She has explicitly said that she believes that humans and dinosaurs lived on the earth at the same time, which is absolutely laughable.

And like Bachmann and other creationists, she’s virulently anti-gay too.