Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Ringer Continues His Absurdity

The Worldnutdaily columnist who recently waxed stupid about evolution, Robert Ringer, is back at it again. Just try to figure out the “reasoning” behind arguments like this:

Some readers argued that the first-cause argument doesn’t fly because it leads to the question of what caused the first cause. But I see this unanswerable question as evidence that there is a Supreme Being – a Conscious Universal Power Source that has always existed and will continue to exist throughout eternity.

How can infinity be explained away by simply saying that everything is random? The Supreme Being’s existence is infinite, thus no previous cause was required to bring It into existence.

That is simply gibberish. He doesn’t seem to have the slightest idea what the words “infinite” or “random” mean. It’s just word salad. He’s talking here about earthquakes and hurricanes, but no educated person believes either of those things are “random.” They happen for very natural reasons and we know what those reasons are. Here’s how he attempts to explain away those explanations:

So, did this Power Source intervene and cause last week’s earthquake or hurricane to occur? I have no idea. And, though millions would never admit it, neither does anyone else. As I said earlier, it’s amazing what scientists know about earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. But, even with their vast knowledge of how these events occur, not one scientist has any idea as to why they occur.

For example, science can explain how gravity works, but it cannot explain why it works the way it does. We know that gravity makes the planets, stars, galaxies and other cosmic bodies act on each other in certain predictable ways, but this does nothing to explain how the principle of gravity came into being.

You can offer endless scientific explanations for a natural disaster like a hurricane – high pressure systems, low-pressure systems, unusually warm ocean water, etc. – but eventually you come to what I call the “Why Wall.” Why do these phenomena occur?

Now let’s change the terms just slightly and see if he would agree. We know how it rains but we don’t know why it rains. Scientists can talk all they want about condensation and evaporation, the hydrological cycle and the behavior of clouds, but they can’t explain why those things occur. So eventually you have to just accept that an invisible leprechaun makes it rain whenever he gets angry. Ringer would no doubt laugh at such an argument, but it is absolutely identical to the one he is making. And we could just as easily declare that the leprechaun is “infinite” and therefore didn’t need a cause. It would be every bit as logical.