Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Elsberry 1, Washington 0

Ellis Washington decides to take on my good friend Wes Elsberry in his latest insipid column at the Worldnutdaily and it doesn’t end well for him. It’s little more than a litany of tired platitudes about evolution being an atheist plot to destroy God with a few silly lies scattered about.

If you doubt the Gestapo tactics of the Darwin lobby, consider that just last week another case was uncovered about how they routinely block academic papers that criticize Darwin’s evolution theory from being published. Writer Casey Luskin recalled a meeting with Wesley Elsberry, a long-time activist for the Darwin lobby and former staff member at the National Center for Science Education, who literally rejoiced whenever Intelligent Design scientists had their papers rejected from journals. Furthermore, Elsberry had the gall to criticize Intelligent Design proponents for not publishing in the mainstream scientific literature (an untrue charge).

Those of us who have interacted with Luskin over the last 10 years or so know full well exactly how credible he is. Here’s what Luskin wrote about:

Luskin wrote a 2-part article on the case of Dr. Granville Sewell and how the Darwin Gestapo unfairly had one of his papers unjustly rejected from a prestigious scientific journal:

As John West has reported, the journal Applied Mathematics Letters has agreed to apologize after pulling a paper by University of Texas, El Paso mathematics professor Granville Sewell which was critical of Darwinian evolution. Sewell is author of “In the Beginning: And Other Essays on Intelligent Design” as well as three books on numerical analysis and dozens of articles in respected journals. As West reports, Applied Mathematics Letters withdrew his paper not because it found any errors in the paper, or because the paper was not peer-reviewed, but because it had received a protest from the Darwin lobby. Because of the journal’s inappropriate treatment of Dr. Sewell, it has now issued an apology to Dr. Sewell and paid his attorney’s fees in the matter to the tune of $10,000.

But as Ellsberry has documented in great detail, Sewell’s article was mostly ignorant nonsense. For crying out loud, it was a mathematician resurrecting the ridiculous 2nd law of thermodynamics argument but clearly misunderstanding what that law says.

Just another case of a creationist spouting nonsense and then crying persecution when others laugh at them.