Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Hovind Crony Blathers About Attenborough

While Kent Hovind serves time in the big house — and no, I don’t mean U of M’s football stadium — he has others continuing his perfect track record of saying things that are either utterly dishonest or mind-numbingly idiotic. One of them is Paul Taylor, who is now attacking Sir David Attenborough in the same moronic way that ol’ Kent would if he wasn’t busy talking to God in prison.

He begins with this rather amusing statement:

The majority of discoveries of the modern scientific era were made by people who believed the book of Genesis to be true. Does this not matter to education?

Uh, yeah, If you define the “modern scientific era” to have ended before the 20th century. And no, it doesn’t matter at all to education, or to science. There are scientists all over the world with every imaginable view on religion — Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, etc. — and they are all held to exactly the same standard. Their work is either valid and supported by the evidence or it is not — and their religious views have no bearing on that question at all.

Taylor then goes on to claim, bizarrely, that if creationism was banned in British schools “we would cease to produce scientists from English schools.” Huh?