Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Creationism on Dallas School Website

The Dallas Observer reports on creationist material found on a teacher’s online bulletin board in the Dallas public schools:

Turns out, Rick Perry was right after all.

What you see at right is a slide I received last night from a fellow Dallas Independent School District parent. It was, until this morning, available on the district’s Curriculum Central website, accessible only to teachers and administration and a resource for instructors needing further materials to flesh out what’s being taught in class.

The slide says that the existence of cells is “one of the strongest cases for intelligent design by our Creator God!” The school took it down immediately:

The PowerPoint, created by one Jim Sullivan of Cells Alive! and initially posted to something called The World of Teaching, was sent home for further review by a teacher. So the parent and child reviewed it. At which point the parent saw “intelligent design” in a science presentation and flipped out. So too did a lot of other parents at this particular junior high. Which is why it landed in my lap — and why I asked district spokesman Jon Dahlander if he wouldn’t mind looking into it.

This morning, he called back and confirmed: The presentation was indeed on the Curriculum Central website, from which it was promptly deleted. Says Dahlander, 3700 Ross is trying to find out who made the docs available. And in the meantime, he says, a directive was sent out this afternoon in which “curriculum directors have been reminded to review their quality control system, as well as to review all links on the Curriculum Central. We were very disappointed to see it there, and it was removed immediately.”

Sounds like they’re taking it as seriously as they should.