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Closing Up Shop

After a couple months, it’s become obvious to me that there’s little point in keeping this blog going. It’s been a great run here at ScienceBlogs, I’ve enjoyed my time here and it’s been a great boon to my career, but Freethought Blogs has taken off beyond my wildest dreams and there’s no point in…

AIG and Wingnut on Wingnut Crime

You’d think all the fundies would love Answers in Genesis, but apparently there are people who are so crazy that they think even AIG is too liberal. Don Elmore, pastor of a church called Fellowship of God’s Covenant People, appears to be one of them. I am aware of the forces supporting “Answers in Genesis”,…

Behe and the Contingency of History

Before I was born, my dad turned down a chance to do graduate study at Harvard. He mentioned this to me a few years ago and said that while he now regrets not having taken the opportunity in one sense, if he had done so he would not have met my mother and therefore wouldn’t…

Congratulations, Vic Hutchinson

My friend and longtime Dispatches reader Vic Hutchinson, a retired biology professor at the University of Oklahoma, has been honored by the Oklahoma Science Teachers Association with the Jack Renner Distinguished Service to Oklahoma Science Education Award. It is certainly well deserved. Here’s why he got it: