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This was a good movie. The whole movie was not, alas, as good as the below scene. But, how could it have been? The movie, in addition, features a lot of character actors “before” you knew them. An aside, the nerve of that guy; did he really think “Summertime, Summertime” didn’t go with his shrimp?

Buddy Rich, Asshole

I’m not nearly a good enough musician (I play guitar) to have played with Buddy Rich. But if I were, I seriously wonder whether I would have put up with verbal abuse like this or told him to take the gig and shove it. The dude was an amazing drummer. Unfortunately, with tremendous talent and…

Most Popular Post From My Personal Blog

It’s a “comedic” post that Ed linked to a number of times years past. Go figure. Here it is. It’s gone viral before. But every few years, I trot it out because it still delivers the laughs. Robert Reed, aka Mr. Brady, was a freakin’ pedantic nut. Below the fold is his angry Shakespearean memo…

“John Ehrlichman & Bob Haldeman May 13, 1971 498-005 Oval Office” Apparently this was the first episode he saw and didn’t know the name of the show. He thinks Meathead/Rob Reiner’s character “goes both ways.” Like many things Nixon, oddly fascinating. Update: Here is a clip from the episode:

Protecting the Children

When you hear someone shriek that we need to “protect the children” (like Maude Flanders or was it Rev. Lovejoy’s wife?) as justification for a law or policy, you can be pretty sure that liberty is about to be impinged. After all, what was Socrates executed for? Corrupting the minds of the children. With that…

Doug Stanhope on…Everything

Another great Youtube video, this one from Doug Stanhope. Stanhope is the closest thing we have to Bill Hicks since he died. This is a 10 minute political rant that is very, very funny. It goes from airport security to the war on terror to religion. Warning: it’s very crude, it’s very dark and it’s…