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The Aristocrats

Okay, I finally got to see the movie The Aristocats, a documentary about perhaps the most famous – and filthiest – joke ever told. First of all, I picked the wrong day to watch it. I have a terrible cold today and it’s not very pleasant to be laughing that hard while coughing up chunks…


Back in my stand up comedy days I did a bit about a politically correct dry cleaners in Hollywood used by celebrities. It didn’t really clean the tuxedo, it just raised its self-esteem and put the proper colored ribbon on the lapel for the next big event. Now comes this: Bravissimo! (Hat tip to Jason…

Larry Reeb

“I didn’t go to college, I stayed home and got drunk. I couldn’t afford that $10,000 cover charge. For that kind of money there better be a really good band; I want the Beatles reunion for that kind of money.” Larry Reeb