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I’ve been doing a bit of research, spurred by this article by Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, on the legal status of online poker. And I’ve found that most of what Shulman says is spot on. She points to a Federal court ruling in the case of In re Mastercard International, the full text of which can…

Another View of the Gambling Bill

Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, writing in Card Player, has a very optimistic take on the new gambling bill from the poker industry’s perspective. It’s perhaps a bit too optimistic, but it does suggest another possible basis for a court challenge. I’ll post a long excerpt below the fold:

Amusing Poker Story

So last night I’m playing in a satellite at Poker Stars, trying to win a seat in their Sunday Million tournament (which I did, by the way, but I unregistered and took the tournament cash instead because I’ll be out of town on Sunday). It’s a rebuy tournament and I’m at the table with this…

Fallout From Anti-Gambling Legislation

Things have been crazy the last couple days in the online gaming world. The response from various companies ranges from “maybe we can survive this” to “man the lifeboats”. Party Poker has announced that if the president signs the bill (which is inevitable, and will likely happen in the next day or two), they will…

World Series of Poker Final Table

So ESPN finally aired the final table of the World Series of Poker main event last night and I have to say that Jamie Gold is the most irritating person to win it since Hellmuth. Unlike Gold, however, Hellmuth is a really good poker player. No matter who wins the championship, there’s a fair amount…

WSOP Champion Interviewed

This post contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Physicist Finishes 3rd at WSOP

I didn’t realize that Michael Binger, who recently finished 3rd in the WSOP main event and won $4.1 million, is a PhD physicist. Seed Magazine did, however, and they’ve got an interview with him online. Very cool. I know that Sean Carroll, cosmologist from the University of Chicago, plays poker as well.

WSOP Extra Chips Mystery: Solved

Amy Calistri and Tim Lavalli appear to have solved the mystery of where the extra $2 million in chips during the World Series of Poker main event came from. The answer is: incompetence. They pinpoint it down to a single break on day 7, when the $5000 chips were colored up into $25,000 chips. Instead…

This is kind of interesting. I wrote a couple weeks ago about the lawsuit filed against the World Poker Tour by 7 of the top poker players in the world, and about Daniel Negreanu’s negative reaction to that lawsuit. I had no idea it had turned into a major war of words between Negreanu and…

WSOP Champion Crowned

Warning: this post contains the ultimate spoiler for this event