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Michael Craig on Problems at the WSOP

Michael Craig, author of The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King, a book about the series of games between “the corporation” (a collection of the top pro poker players) and Andy Beal, is fast becoming an indispensible voice in the poker world. On his blog, he posts this article about some of the problems…

WSOP Final Table Set

Warning: This post contains spoilers

Tuesday WSOP Update

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Monday WSOP Update

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WSOP Update

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Do not click on it if that will bother you.

WSOP Main Event Update

Minor spoilers to be found here. The event is far from over, but I do mention some of the players who are still alive and some chip counts. Read at your own peril The split field days are done at the WSOP main event and today is a day off for all the players. On…

Official WSOP Entries and Payouts

Harrah’s has announced the official figures for the World Series of Poker main event: 8773 entries for a total prize pool of $82.5 million. First prize will be a record $12 million, with the top 12 players all guaranteed at least $1 million. That should make it the richest competition of any kind ever. It’s…

This is Luck at Poker

From the Card Player live updates from yesterday at the World Series of Poker main event. One guy, William Thorsson, has been running incredibly hot and is the chip leader. How hot? This hot: William Thorsson raises to $700 from the cut off and the button re-raises to $1,200. The small blind makes a third…

Negreanu on the WPT Lawsuit

Daniel Negreanu has a video blog on his website, and if you go to the entry for 7/26/06 you’ll hear his take on the lawsuit against the World Poker Tour from 7 top players. It contains some interesting information that may pave the way for a settlement. Lyle Berman, who owns the World Poker Tour,…

WSOP: the Main Event Begins

Yesterday was the first first day of the main event of the World Series of Poker. I say first first day because there are 4 first days. This year may have as many as 8800 players, with 2000 players plus 200 alternates going on each of the 4 first days (the 200 alternates replace the…