Dot Physics

Dear RapidWeaver,

What did I do to you? I like you, I really do – but this is why we broke up. It’s not you, it’s me. No wait, it’s you. I am looking back through my old dotphys posts and most of my introductions are GONE. I was starting to think I was crazy when I wrote these. Take for instance [My analysis of Kobe Bryant’s Jump]( Isn’t it odd how this starts? That is because it is MISSING the first paragraph. The only reason I know I am not insane is because of Apple’s Time Machine. I went back and looked and the older file has an intro. RapidWeaver, see how you are!


  1. #1 Jerry
    August 27, 2011

    Talk about problems with RapidWeaver… I have struggled with RW v3, v4, now v5, and I can’t get anywhere with it. My primitive website was constructed using Adobe PageMill v3 under MacOS 9! Beyond that, I find RW a complete mystery. Nothing I construct comes out looking how I imagine it, if it comes out at all. Sorry to rant, but this has been YEARS in the making.

  2. #2 Rhett Allain
    August 27, 2011


    Time to move on to wordpress or something like that. Trust me.

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