Dot Physics

So, there is this Science Blogging Award from 3 QuarksDaily. Of course I nominated one of my own post – The Physics of Fantastic Contraption. The first stage of the competition lets readers vote for their favorite blog post. This seems sort of like a popularity contest. Then the top votes will be judged and a winner determined. The biggest problem I see is that there is a wide variety of posts, from physics to biology to medicine. It is kind of like voting for the best food with bananas and steak in there for the voting. Sometimes, you just need a banana.

Anyway, in looking at this post, there are some really great ones. I thought I would just list the ones I liked the best.

I admit that I didn’t really all of the nominations. I didn’t even look at all of them. I wanted to, but come on – that is a lot of stuff. Instead I looked at the titles to find the interesting ones. Also, my list is somewhat skewed towards the physical sciences – that is to be expected, right? Finally, here are some of other blog posts that were not nominated that I think are quite awesome:

I know there are other good posts out there, but it really is hard to remember them all. Anyway, go check out the nominations at 3 QuarksDaily. You may find some new blogs to follow, I think I did.