Dot Physics

I have already talked about science and why everyone should take some science courses. The short answer (in case you don’t want to read the previous post) is that everyone should take science because science (along with art and other stuff) is what humans do.

So, tomorrow I will be off to attend a workshop on a new physical science curriculum. The goal is to bring more active-learning styles courses to large enrollment classes. This is essentially a similar idea to the Physics for Elementary Teachers course that I teach with one major difference – size. I would love to teach the course for elementary ed majors to everyone, I think it would give a good fundamental understanding of science and I think students would generally enjoy it. The problem is that the administration is not going to want to move from a 90 student course to 3 sections of 30 students.

I don’t know how to do the same stuff I am doing with the smaller class (meeting in a lab room) with a large lecture hall style course and setting. Guess that is why I am going to a workshop in San Diego.