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Wolfram Alpha Widgets

Try to say that 5 times really fast. Go ahead, try it. Well, at least it is not as difficult as Fox in Socks – man that book is a killer. This WAW is basically a means to embed Wolfram Alpha queries into a webpage. Pretty cool idea, but I am not sure how well…

Activities for Pi Day

Oh, I know you missed it. Really, it wasn’t your fault. Pi day fell on a Sunday, so how are you supposed to have pi-day activities in class? Don’t let it stop you. You are better than that. Do the activity anyway. What to do? Here are some suggestions. (Suggestions aimed mostly at the high…

Pendulum, let it go

This is a requested post. Clearly, I do requests. The idea here is that I am going to give all the details needed to determine the equation of motion (and then model it) for a basic pendulum. Warning: this post is a little more advanced than my normal posts. There are some prerequisites. You need…

Projectile Motion with a Spreadsheet

Basically, the title says it all. Here is a short tutorial on projectile motion calculations with a spreadsheet. Record your screencast online I left out a lot of details, so maybe these links will help: Spreadsheet tutorial for numerical calculations (video) More details on numerical calculations Projectile motion

I really didn’t want to post this, but I am going to anyway. I used ScreenToaster.com to make a screen capture movie (with audio) of a tutorial on spreadsheets. This should accompany my previous post on numerical calculations. Free online screen recorder