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Find out about the flu at DailyKos

We’ve been blogging about flu for over four years. It’s not a rare topic these days. But when we started we only found two other bloggers with an interest in the subject. One was the late (and much missed) Melanie Mattson at Just a Bump in the Beltway blog. The other was DailyKos frontpager DemFromCT. Dem is still on the front page at dKos and still on top of flu. He is one of the blogosphere’s pre-eminent flu experts, being not only an accomplished blogger but a medical professional whose specialty is pulmonology. He sees flu up close, in the lungs of his patients. So whenever Dem writes about flu, it’s at the top of our read list. Today he summarizes the flu season just getting underway in a post complete with graphs, useful links and solid information. He promises Part II next week, discussing what we need to do with an important part of our public health infrastructure, the laboratory system that is the main source of the information he discusses in this installment.

Excellent post and important topic. The link again for Flu and You, Part I.


  1. #1 andrew
    January 11, 2009

    Agreed, excellent post BUT your links are broken!

  2. #2 revere
    January 11, 2009

    andrew: Thanks for alerting me. I think I’ve fixed them, but they were correct on the back end and when published got corrupted. They were also fine in the Preview function. Must be a glitch with the new upgrade. Sigh.

  3. #3 Charles
    January 12, 2009

    They’re fixed now.

    I just pulled up the dKos page from the link Revere gave, and only from that. Couldn’t even be from cache, since I had Firefox shut down on this system from about 1 am this morning until about an hour ago, and still have not updated the dKos tab.

    Excellent piece by DemFromCT. Thank you for pointing it out. I read through it, and it’s now bookmarked in my bulging “Influenza” folder