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Proof we are descended from monkeys:


  1. #1 Phillip Huggan
    June 14, 2009

    Some clues if my hypothesis is correct (yes Revere I’m trying to book up but I spent HS biology doing math homework and playing 3D tic-tac-toe against myself).
    I’m assuming acute cases of Bird Fancier’s Lung (hypersensivity pneumonitis) are very similiar to Avian Influenza. Bird Fancier’s Lung isn’t viral, is from organic poop inhaled (I assume). If they are doing the same thing, BFL on a lesser scale than Spanish Flu cytokine storm, it means the toxin isn’t a protein product of a virus, is almost certainly a lyzed fragment that is found in poop and virus alike. This fragment resembles something in our lungs either pre or post infection, and our immune systems subsequently attack both.
    Acute BFL doesn’t result in severe cytokine storm, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t a virus multiplying (not an exotoxin but an endotoxin virii fragment). With 150 immediate immune system substrate and my non-biobrain, I can’t say details now, whether much more complex interactions at play. But I’m 99% this is the general overview, and a reasonably good guess that the toxin is a linear epitope amino acid chain that is produced in Spanish Flu lyzed cells, and also in inhaled organic matter ala acute BFL.

    Animal (not Spanish Flu immune pigs) testing, ferrets breathing bird poop at various concentrations might yield a symptomology of BFL identical to cytokine storm. IDK how that helps….just a way to torture ferrets.

  2. #2 Phillip Huggan
    June 14, 2009

    …more to it than that because in both diseases our immune system eventually stands down when the virus/organic-fragment is vanquished.

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