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Quiet heroes of public health

Here’s some more while we fish. Some things are worth repeating and some people worth celebrating. Quiet Heroes of Public Health was a 2005 post which included a bow to the Environmental Research Foundation’s Peter Montague, whose last (and 1000th) issue of Rachel’s News was in February of this year (2009). Click through.

We’re looking forward to the book, Peter.


  1. #1 Ken
    August 17, 2009

    I just read the Quiet Heroes in Public Health post. Very interesting.

    I wonder how much of the ‘quietness’ results from limited funding sources for public health researchers and practitioners. Whether it be meager public health department budgets or competitive grant-dependent research activities, I have to believe that people who are constantly worried about their next paycheck will be less likely to do controversial research or take controversial stances.

    Is there any evidence to suggest that scientists who take strong political positions on public health matters suffer as a result of it?

  2. #2 revere
    August 17, 2009

    Ken: It’s like anything else. Mrs. R. almost got fired from the state health dept. for something I was quoted for in the newspaper (she is union, which is what saved her). But I think the main reason is that public health types aren’t activists, they’re advocates, and they tend to identify with their employer (the public sector).

  3. #3 M. Randolph Kruger
    August 22, 2009

    And thats another reason you guys who know me and keep pressing for Revere’s identity aint gonna get it. The old boy and I disagree on much. But the whacknutz on both sides of the spectrum target the middle or people that are the “mob” or “Nazi’s” in the latest paradigm shift in opinion in the US for voicing their opinions. Great when the electeds call the people names when they do that. Freedom of speech, freedom to assemble… You are a mob when you do it now. But it cuts both ways. Revere got a taste of it.

    Nope, we always need the lefties when things start to slide a bit too far to the right. I said it before that Bush/Cheney did it to themselves. Iraq for one was a necessary evil and I can say it probably saved lives in the longer run. Afghanistan was a given as it borders on a nuke state. Militarily speaking we had to do it or drop the big one to stop the terrorism. Me, I would have just done them. But thats the reason you never wheel people like me out until there is just nothing left to do. We are in the mode of something left to do right now.. If this doesnt work then we will be oiling my wheels up to come out of the gate. My adventure a few months ago was part of that.

    Kenbo-Sheyit yeah ! The AMA leadership caved to ObamaCare and their members revolted. AARP did it and then recanted very craftily when their members started sending their cards back and requesting refunds. As usual the leaderships of both can be bought off with politics. Obama has worked carefully to make sure that the AMA has his people in leadership positions there. AARP too.

    At least the Republicans will show you the knife they are going to threaten with before they shove it in.

    Public health people arent activists, they are advocates Revere? I would say that they are thieves using a Robin Hood mentality myself. Steal from the rich to give to the poor? Well that only works when the system breaks down. Everything that people make/made was and has been done legally. So you become a criminal by condition. You make tooooo damned much money and thats immoral (in their eyes) so we are just going to take it.

    And this from a Congress didnt do thing about the banks for four years and that was a Democrat Congress I might add… See what happened? Heroes in public health? Yeah …right.

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