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Feces for dinner?

Infection with norovirus is something to which the adjective “unpleasant” hardly applies. While it’s a self-limiting affliction, if you’ve ever had it, it’s hard to imagine anyone subjecting themselves to norovirus willingly. But if anything illustrates the principle that people will do anything for a buck, this does:

“Getting sick for science (and money)”


  1. #1 Pieter B
    August 25, 2009

    I had a case of norovirus last christmas. Spent several hours on the throne holding a bucket. You’d have to pay me a LOT to go through that again; there’d be at least four zeros on the check.

    At the time, I found a news article on the outbreak, in which an epidemiologist described the disease as “characterized by the violent expulsion of fluids from the body.” That’s as accurate and concise as you can get.

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